Boston Functional Nutrition is a place for women who are seeking supportive, individualized care for their wellness and nutritional concerns. Led by a registered dietitian, Boston Functional Nutrition was born out of a desire to support the unique health needs of women by marrying holistic mind-body medicine with evidence-based nutrition therapy, with a focus on recovering hormonal balance.


Balanced, vibrant health is possible!

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Ayla Barmmer, MS, RD, LDN, CLT:

Ayla Barmmer is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and the owner and operator of Boston Functional Nutrition, an integrative and functional nutrition practice based in Concord, MA. Her practice is known for its “big picture” approach, which starts with a thorough whole-person assessment and uses cutting-edge research to help individuals create effective, meaningful change even in the most complex of cases. Ayla’s primary specialty is women’s health with a special emphasis on hormone balance, infertility, and digestive wellness. She believes that often simple, personalized diet and lifestyle interventions can help women find the energy, balance, and joy in their lives.

Ayla obtained her undergraduate degree in dietetics and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Connecticut, and earned a Master of Science in Health Communications from Boston University. She has received additional training through Aviva Romm, MD, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy, Deanna Minich, Ph.D., and a wide variety of other programs. Her dynamic combination of professional, personal, and educational experiences allows her to effectively meet women where they are, and help them reach their ultimate health goals with ease.

Ayla is also a highly sought-after speaker and educator on topics such as nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, immune health, and gastrointestinal issues. Her expertise has been recognized by Boston Magazine, Tufts Medical Center, Shape, Women’s Health Magazine, and EatingWell. She is also the co-host of Real Food Radio, a podcast about supporting your health naturally and living a life you love. Her most recent undertaking has been as co-founder of the Women’s Health Nutrition Academy in collaboration with Lily Nichols, RD. The Women’s Health Nutrition Academy brings virtual, cutting-edge women’s health continuing education opportunities to health professionals.

On the personal side, Ayla is a mom to her toddler son and enjoys biking and hiking with him and her husband throughout New England.

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