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quoteI spent over ten years struggling with stomach pain, digestive issues and general discomfort associated with food.  In that time, I met with a wide variety of doctors and nutritionists, read every book and blog on the subject, and tried a long list of dietary recommendations.  Nothing worked.  I had almost given up and started to believe the advice that it was “all in my head”. After a recent frustrating doctor’s appointment, a friend of mine told me about Boston Functional Nutrition.  From the minute I filled out the patient forms I knew I was being cared for in a new way. Ayla listened to my experience, didn’t make assumptions and worked with me to find solutions.  Within weeks I was feeling like a new person.  I didn’t remember what it felt like to enjoy a meal without discomfort.  I feel so relieved to have a plan that is working and to feel better each week.  I am not exaggerating at all when I say Ayla has changed my life and I’m so grateful.”

quoteFrom my experiences with you, you have a more global medical knowledge about how food consumption and diet affect the bigger health picture for the individual. I know it’s your business, but you know food, and for me, have had answers about foods & how they may react for me if and when consumed.”

quoteI am happy to report that we just learned that we are 5 weeks pregnant 🙂 I can’t believe how quickly the dietary changes and supplements helped!  After 18 months of trying, we were about to give up. The emotional toll it was taking was starting to become too much to handle.  We are over the moon now and so appreciative for your help!”

quoteSince making your suggested changes, my energy level has increased quite a bit.  My head feels more clear and lots of body aches have gone away.  All of this has helped me get back to my yoga practice and a more active lifestyle. During our appointments, I enjoyed your optimism about how you could help and your determination to find recipes for my picky palate.  I am actually eating salmon and kale on a regular basis which is a huge achievement! I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone who is seeking to feel better and/or eat healthier.  I feel so much better with all of the changes we have made and would love to pass that on to others. Thank you for all of your help.”

quoteJust wanted to let you know that (baby) had her 9 month check up today and they routinely check iron levels at that visit. I first got the spiel about how breastfed babies are often low. However, they were quite surprised that her level was perfectly normal considering she’s never had any formula or iron fortified cereals. So far it’s still been only organic finger foods and homemade organic purees. She is loving food, and she is apparently getting all the nutrients she needs, including enough iron, from real food! Success! Thank you for all your help!

quoteI just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me! The diet and supplement plan you placed me on helped out a lot! Most importantly, you opened my eyes to the importance of eating healthy in general. Not so much that “I eat a salad every now and then” but that I should really pay attention to the exact ingredients and source of my food. This is something that I will try to carry with me forever. So, again, thank you!”


I always subscribed to the belief that we all know what to eat, doing it is just a matter of willpower. After my first meeting with you I realized that I had NO idea which foods were right for my body. In fact, the foods that I thought were healthy turned out to be causing me harm! Beyond that, you helped me discover why my system had gotten so out of balance. I feel the best that I’ve felt in years -thank you!!”

quoteI wanted you to know that things are going very well. More so than i would have expected. It’s been almost two weeks and i feel really good.  Less wiped out during and after workouts, enjoying eating more during the day and feeling less hungry, and the scary part of eating a bit less at night has been fine. Not sure how fast the metabolism can rev up, but weight is good and pants that were too snug are now comfortable. Great start and can’t thank you enough for getting this in motion.”

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