Real Food Radio Episode 003: Balance Your Blood Sugar

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With the holiday season winding down, we discuss the importance of blood sugar balance and how it affects our mood and energy.

Also discussed in Episode 3…

  • Diana’s RD update: Her work with the not-for-profit grocery store Daily Table
  • A look at the typical American diet and how it sets us up on a blood sugar roller coaster
  • Insulin’s role in blood sugar management
  • Signs and symptoms of insulin resistance
  • Choosing the right carbohydrates to help balance blood sugar
  • Don’t fear the fat: How healthy fat helps to prevent blood sugar spikes
  • Shifting focus from calories to blood sugar balance
  • The importance of protein in the diet and why protein sources matter
  • Creating easy, balanced meals using the Meal Matrix
  • Getting rid of cravings using real food
  • Balanced meal and snack ideas
  • Lifestyle factors that affect metabolism and long-term health
  • The positive impact a balanced diet has on living a healthy life

RFR EP 3 Meal Matrix

Useful Links…

Tanka Bars
Vermont Smoke & Cure
Primal Pacs
Dang Coconut Chips
Tesse Mae’s Dressing
Natural Calm
Brain Wave App
Headspace App

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  1. Riya on February 1, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Nice…and interasting. Good. Meal matrix is great.

  2. […] The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster […]

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