Real Food Radio Episode 008: The RFR Approach to “What I Ate Wednesday”

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It’s impossible nowadays to browse any health or fitness related blog without noticing a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. The mid-week post encourages bloggers to walk-the-walk and share their day’s worth of meals, hopefully providing a model of what healthy eating should look like and inspiring readers to make healthy lifestyle changes as promoted by these seemingly trusted health professionals. But are these diets ones we should be emulating?

While this increasingly popular trend seems innocent enough, it brings to light a dangerous pattern we’ve noticed when it comes to women’s dietary habits; focusing too much on restricting calories and not enough on putting together nutritionally balanced meals. In this episode, we take one clinical nutritionist’s blog post to task, dissecting her typical day of meals and why her approach to healthy eating is problematic. And since it’s only fair that we also shine the spotlight on ourselves, we offer a peak into our own typical day of meals and share our tips for eating to maintain optimal health.

Also discussed in Episode 8…

    • Updates from Diana & Ayla
    • The Mind Body Green Blog Post that has us up in arms
    • The importance of beefing up protein portions (no pun intended)
    • Our approach to coaching clients who need a diet overhaul
    • The physiological ramifications of counting calories and macros

Useful Links…

Fed Up Movie
Ayla’s “What I Eat in a Day” Blog Post
Diana’s “What I Eat in a Day” Blog Post
Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Mind Body Green Blog Post

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