Real Food Radio Episode 009: Setting the Record Straight on Supplements

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My guest today is Ryan Whitcomb, a registered dietitian and owner of Gut RXN Nutrition, which specializes in treating individuals with food sensitivities relating to chronic inflammation.

On this episode, Ryan and I discuss the often-controversial topic of supplements, when and why you may need them, and how they can fit into your real food diet.

Also discussed in Episode 9…

  • Ryan’s background and how he got into integrative medicine
  • Four instances when supplementation is necessary
  • The nutrient density of food today versus 50-60 years ago
  • The scary relationship between medication and nutrient depletion
  • The importance of eating local produce and buying frozen foods
  • How monocropping severely impacts the nutrient status of food
  • Digestive issues and other factors that impact nutrient absorption
  • When simply eating healthy isn’t enough
  • How to interpret the RDAs and why they can be misleading
  • Understanding that not all supplements are created equal
  • Questions to ask your supplement company
  • The quality of ingredients in pharmaceutical-grade supplements versus cheaper versions

Useful Links…

Gut RXN Nutrition
Spectracell Micronutrient Testing
Ryan Whitcomb on Twitter 

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  2. […] Link to Ayla & Ryan’s podcast on supplements […]

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