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The Best Slow Cooker Applesauce thumbnail

I’ve been making this applesauce recipe every fall for years now and it never fails to please. It is perfect for making in large batches and canning for long term storage.  This year, I’ve got one new, little mouth to feed and he’ll be ready for solids soon. I’ll definitely be making a less spicy… Read More

Real Food Radio Episode 013: Postpartum Nutrition & Wellness thumbnail

Welcome back to Real Food Radio! We’re back with a brand new co-host, Nicole Holovach. Nicole is a registered dietitian, farmer, and owner of Whole Health RD, a private nutrition practice based in Frederick, MD. In this episode, we talk about the importance of postpartum nutrition and wellness. After baby, it’s super easy to neglect… Read More

Real Food Radio Episode 011: Identifying Your Migraine Triggers thumbnail

Welcome Back to Real Food Radio! My co-host today is registered dietitian Jan Patenaude, who is also the first certified LEAP therapist. Jan is a pioneer in the area of food sensitivity and adverse food reactions. In this episode, we discuss common triggers contributing to migraines, how these triggers could be accurately identified, and the real… Read More

Real Food Radio Episode 010: Eating Well While Traveling thumbnail

Welcome Back to Real Food Radio! On this episode, we discuss our personal tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining a real food diet on the road. Hint: It’s possible if you plan ahead! Also discussed in Episode 10… Ayla’s life update: We bought a house! Diana’s RD update: Her internship at Massachusetts General… Read More

Real Food Radio Episode 009: Setting the Record Straight on Supplements thumbnail

Welcome Back to Real Food Radio! My guest today is Ryan Whitcomb, a registered dietitian and owner of Gut RXN Nutrition, which specializes in treating individuals with food sensitivities relating to chronic inflammation. On this episode, Ryan and I discuss the often-controversial topic of supplements, when and why you may need them, and how they… Read More

Understanding WHO’s Classification of Processed Meat as Carcinogenic thumbnail

I’m getting asked a lot this week about the World Health Organization’s classification of processed meat as a “Group 1 Carcinogen” and I want to talk about what this means exactly because per usual, the media is running with this in all sorts of misleading ways. Here is what you need to know (summarized the… Read More

Real Food Radio Episode 008: The RFR Approach to “What I Ate Wednesday” thumbnail

Welcome Back to Real Food Radio! It’s impossible nowadays to browse any health or fitness related blog without noticing a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. The mid-week post encourages bloggers to walk-the-walk and share their day’s worth of meals, hopefully providing a model of what healthy eating should look like and inspiring readers to make… Read More

Top Tips for Boosting Your Immune System thumbnail

This is the time of year when colds, flu, and other viruses are making their rounds and it is no fun to try to manage everyday life with congestion, fatigue, etc. So, I have some tips for you to give your immune system a boost this season.   Vitamin C: While all vitamins and minerals… Read More

Real Food Radio Episode 007: Managing Autoimmunity with Daphne Olivier, RD thumbnail

Welcome Back to Real Food Radio! On this episode, Ayla talks with “registered yet unconventional dietitian” Daphne Olivier about autoimmunity and the most common hypothyroid condition, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Daphne shares her personal experience with the disease and the importance of nutrition and lifestyle changes in managing autoimmune disorders. Also discussed in Episode 7… About Daphne’s… Read More

Real Food Radio Episode 006: Gestational Diabetes with Lily Nichols, RD thumbnail

Welcome Back to Real Food Radio! Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified LEAP Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor whose approach to nutrition embraces real food, integrative medicine, and mindfulness. On this episode, Lily discusses the most effective ways to diagnose and treat gestational diabetes and why the conventional screening methods and… Read More

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