Functional Labs

A. Instructions:

I use a number of functional lab tests from several different functional lab testing companies to help get to the root cause of your health issues and highly personalize your protocol. They are invaluable however, they do require attention to detail. Inside each kit will be instructions for how to collect. Please read those carefully and share with your phlebotomist (only applicable for blood draws).

–> For all labwork, please stop all supplements for 4 days prior to testing unless otherwise indicated by me

B. Requisition Forms:

These MUST be filled out correctly for the draw to be processed. If they aren’t there is the risk that the sample will be lost or not processed at all leading to a re-draw. I’ll either fill out the form with you in the office or send via the practice portal or email with instructions for what information you need to add (if any). Please send the requisition forms with your sample.

C. Lab Draw Sites (for blood samples):

You may find another lab on your own that is more convenient but most local patients have had a great experience with Emerson Hospital’s Main Campus site:

Emerson Hospital, John Cuming Building

Specimen Collection Center, 1st floor
T: 978-287-3366
F: 978-287-8025
  • Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Park in lower lot. Parking will be validated upon check-in.
  • *Note: phlebotomists turn over frequently and may not be familiar with the lab test so please refer them to the instructions inside the kit.
  • *Note: there may be a small draw fee. Whether or not a small fee is charged changes from time to time

Another local option is Cheryl Laliberte -a mobile phlebotomist. She can be reached at 508-615-2500 (depending on the lab draw, she may charge a travel fee to come to you but will come to your home or work and is a skilled phlebotomist, and very professional)

Other lab draw options:

Go to the Any Lab Test Now website to find a location near you. After choosing a location, you can schedule an appointment online, call for assistance, or just show up for your lab test – no appointment necessary. Bring the following to your appointment:

  • $30 specimen collection and processing fee
  • Test collection kit/instructions AND requisition/order form with provider’s name
  • FedEx return bag (included in the test kit)

Other options for a phlebotomist include: finding the mobile phlebotomist insurance companies are using in your area,, calling the local hospital lab or urgent care. Wherever you call, you just need to ask for the lab and confidently ask: 1. What is the cost of a phlebotomy draw if I bring my own kit and doctor’s order? 2. What time is the FedEx Express pickup? Note: It may be best for you to take your kit back after the draw and hand deliver your package to FedEx Express to ensure it is mailed the same day and gets to the lab fresh.

D. Mailing Your Specimen:

There is a pre-paid mailer inside the kit (either FedEx or UPS). Include your kit AND requisition form and bring to a FedEx or UPS shipping Center or call for pickup. Do not drop in a FedEx or UPS dropbox, it will not be picked up. For blood samples, the lab may offer to mail the kit for you but make sure to verify that the pickup is that day. If you aren’t confident it is, take it to a location yourself.

E. Functional Lab types (additional specific info. about each lab):


MRT/LEAP: This is a very simple blood draw with no spinning, refrigeration or other required.

SPECTRACELL: Please use the find a draw site tool on the right hand side of this page.

*Important: with Spectracell you MUST include a copy of your insurance card AND complete the insurance information section of the form. You are not responsible for any fees associated with this test, I cover them as part of your program, but they need permission to bill this test to insurance.

*Important: If you have a “refrigerated kit” (it will say so on the box), please remove the ice pack inside and refrigerate for at least 24 hours prior to getting your blood draw.


GI Map Stool test: please follow the instructions inside the box. Refrigerate the sample until you are ready to mail it.


GI Effects Stool Test: please follow the instructions inside the box. Refrigerate the sample until you are ready to mail it.

NutrEval: The instructions in this kit are complicated and require attention to detail. Note that there is a urine and blood sample in this kit. Please do not complete the saliva swab for genetics (this is not an ideal method for testing genetics so we don’t use this component of the test, you can discard).


DUTCH Complete: please follow the instructions on the inside flap of the kit. This is an easy, at home urine collection. Make sure to label all samples.

Cycle Mapping: Please follow the instructions including in the kit. Make sure to label all samples.

*Precision analytical tests include an pre-addressed envelope for USPS mailing. The turnaround for this test is 7-14 days from when it is received so if you’d like to expedite the process, take it to the post office and mail expedited.


You’ll be sent a requisition/order form to take with you to the lab for your draw. To find a lab location near you use the lab locator tool on their site here.