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Functional wellness addresses the underlying reason you feel the way you do — instead of just managing symptoms


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Ayla Barmmer, MS, RD, LDN

Functional Wellness is for you if...

  • You want to address the underlying cause of your health concerns

  • You want to utilize natural methods whenever possible

  • You want to be empowered and educated

  • You are tired of a "disease model" of healthcare and are looking for a more natural approach

  • You don't want to rely on medication or are tired of side effects

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See What Our Clients Are Saying 

"I have seen amazing results from working with you. I seriously can't thank you enough. Not only are my stomach issues almost completely resolved and my skin clearer than it's ever been, but I also no longer have anxiety about food and going out to eat. I can also drink without serious stomach issues which is huge for me. It had gotten to the point where even a glass of wine or 1 cocktail would leave me in incredible pain."

"I spent over ten years struggling with stomach pain, digestive issues and general discomfort associated with food.  In that time, I met with a wide variety of doctors and nutritionists, read every book and blog on the subject, and tried a long list of dietary recommendations.  Nothing worked.  I had almost given up and started to believe the advice that it was “all in my head”. After a recent frustrating doctor’s appointment, a friend of mine told me about Boston Functional Nutrition.  From the minute I filled out the patient forms I knew I was being cared for in a new way. Ayla listened to my experience, didn’t make assumptions and worked with me to find solutions.  Within weeks I was feeling like a new person.  I didn’t remember what it felt like to enjoy a meal without discomfort.  I feel so relieved to have a plan that is working and to feel better each week.  I am not exaggerating at all when I say Ayla has changed my life and I’m so grateful.”

“I worked with Ayla in 2017 after suffering from digestive issues and recurring SIBO for several years. While we resolved these more pressing issues, Ayla also helped encourage me to nourish my body with a food and supplementation regimen that would prepare me for a healthy pregnancy if and when I decided I was ready. My husband and I are surprised and excited to be expecting our first in September and I feel confident that my body was in an ideal state for this through all of the work I did with Ayla. She’s not only an expert in fertility nutrition, but she’s kind and enjoyable to work with. Highly recommend her 1:1 individualized support or any of her group programs if you want to work with the best!”

  • We address the root of the problem

  • Our practitioner combines conventional and holistic methods

  • We promote natural solutions whenever possible

  • The region's authority in functional medicine nutrition


97 Lowell Road
Concord, MA 01742