Health Professionals

50 min Case Review/Mentoring Session

Have a complex case that you want a second set of eyes on? Use this session to:

  • Get help interpreting functional lab data and feel confident in your interpretation and recommendations. I have extensive experience using functional lab testing in practice and can help you sort through it!
  • Acquire a second professional opinion on a case you’re unsure about.
  • Pick my (Ayla) brain about various aspects of private practice, such as insurance versus self-pay models, how to integrate programs or packages into your practice, and how to improve patient outcomes.
  • Discuss how to achieve an ideal work/life balance! I will gladly share my insight from years of trial and error, mistakes and successes.
  • Talk about how to make women’s health your niche, including my recommended continuing education opportunities and resources for narrowing your focus.

Cost: $250


Continuing Education In Women's Health


The Woman’s Health Nutrition Academy is a collaboration between Lily Nichols, RDN and Ayla Barmmer, MS, RD, LDN and provides cutting-edge continuing education in women’s health for health professionals.

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