Improving Fertility Through Lifestyle w/ Ayla Barmmer – Episode 59 of the Food Heaven Podcast

I was interviewed on the Food Heaven podcast! Head on over to the official episode page on Food Heaven Made Easy.

Listen to the episode on the Apple Podcast app.

In this episode, we talk about:

(2:25) How I got into working with women’s health and infertility as a dietitian

(5:00) How age impacts fertility and egg/sperm quality…and what you can do about it

(8:00) Whether or not there are certain conditions that women (and/or their babies) are at risk for developing if a woman had a baby later in life

(11:00) How to determine if you are high risk for any fertility issues or complications

(14:00) How lifestyle choices impact hormone levels and how that impacts fertility

(15:00) When you should start preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy, how to do it, and what you should prioritize

(18:00) Pros and cons of incorporating seafood into your diet when you are pregnant and/or trying to conceive

(20:00) The best prenatal vitamins and what to look for when choosing one

(23:00) What can men do to improve fertility and sperm quality

(24:00) Best herbs and supplements for fertility

(28:00) Things that negatively impact fertility – environmental diet and environmental toxin exposure, poor quality prenatal vitamins, too little body fat, undereating, digestive issues, inflammation in the gut, etc.

(31:45) How I find success in improving fertility with an individualized, integrative, and functional nutrition approach

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