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While we all will ideally get our nutrients from nourishing, whole foods, there are times in our health and healing journey that we need a little extra support. In these cases, nutritional supplements can be a powerful complement to your plan. Finding the best products to support health is a difficult task due to the lack of adequate government regulations, the vast number of products on the market, and the large disparity in quality of what is one the market. Fortunately, there are companies that produce high quality products, responsibly and safely. I take pride in staying current on all supplement formulations that I recommend and every manufacturer that produces them. I am skilled at creating supplement protocols that will be therapeutic but will not interact with any current medications. All supplements you take, including any changes in what and how you take them, should be communicated with your physician and any other healthcare provider that you work with.

Note and a word of caution: Many of these products are designed for therapeutic use by physicians, nutritionists and other health care practitioners and are unavailable to the average customer at this time. It is important not to purchase these supplements from anywhere other than from a healthcare practitioner because quality, freshness and the product itself is not guaranteed from other sources which puts you at risk.

What criteria do we use to select nutrition supplements?

  1. Manufacturers use GMP (good manufacturing practices) for drug or supplement standards from an outside certifying body.
  2. Site visits and inspection of manufacturing facilities.
  3. Third-party analysis for independent verification of active ingredients and contaminants.
  4. Products have some basis in basic science, clinical trials or have a long history of use and safety.
  5. Use of clean products, free of fillers, binders, excipients, flow agents, shellacs, coloring agents, gluten and lactose and other allergens.

Financial Disclosure: By purchasing professional supplements through Boston Functional Nutrition, you will receive the highest quality supplements at a discount and Boston Functional Nutrition will receive a commission that we use to invest in continuing education for our clinicians. If you have any questions about this or would like further information please contact Ayla@BostonFunctionalNutrition(dot)com.