Real Food Radio Episode 035: Poop – What’s Normal and…What’s Not


Today’s episode is all about poop! We take a deep dive into what it means to have optimal digestion and healthy eliminations.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • What is a normal, good poop?
  • How frequently should you be eliminating?
  • Why is it important to pay attention to your bowel movements?
  • What role does fiber and roughage play in digestion?
  • What does a normal poop look like?
  • Red flags to look out for in your stool
  • When are laxatives appropriate?
  • What’s the best way to deal with constipation?
  • How to improve digestion
  • What’s a squatty potty?
  • How does stress impact digestion?
  • How does the microbiome relate to digestion and healthy elimination?

Disclaimer: Nothing in this podcast should be taken as medical advice.

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