Real Food Radio Episode 001: Real Food Strategies to Boost Your Immune System

Welcome to the very first episode of Real Food Radio!

We’re passionate about food that truly nourishes and fundamentally respects human dignity and health, animal welfare, social justice, and environmental sustainability. I am an RD who blogs at and am the owner of Boston Functional Nutrition. Diana Rodgers is a farmer, author and nutritionist blogging at and the owner of radiance nutrition therapy. Join us each episode for information on functional nutrition, lifestyle tips, and much more!

With cold and flu season upon us, we discuss our favorite tips and tricks for boosting immunity. Hint: Ditch the sugar and pick up a steaming cup of bone broth.

Also discussed in Episode 1…

  • Meet Diana Rodgers & Ayla Withee!
  • Our stance on real food and how it differs from conventional advice
  • Gut health: The first line of defense in healing the immune system
  • Probiotic & prebiotic-rich foods to promote healthy gut bacteria
  • Sugar’s role in chronic inflammation & suppressing the immune system
  • How sleep affects our immune system
  • The healing benefits of delicious bone broth
  • Supplements and herbal remedies to boost immune system: Elderberry syrup, Vitamin C, Echinacea & Multivitamins
  • Oil pulling
  • Epsom salt baths

Links mentioned in Episode 1…

Boston Functional Nutrition
Wild Brine
Fields of Athenry Bone Broth
Nom Nom Paleo Bone Broth Recipe
Instant Pot
Sleep Cocktail

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  1. Unique on December 5, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    Really informative stuff ladies! Looking forward to hearing more podcasts 🙂 I love my epsom salt baths at night as well!

  2. orthomol immun Pro on December 20, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    there is no sense. Dairy free probiotic

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