Real Food Radio Episode 006: Gestational Diabetes with Lily Nichols, RD

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Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified LEAP Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor whose approach to nutrition embraces real food, integrative medicine, and mindfulness.

On this episode, Lily discusses the most effective ways to diagnose and treat gestational diabetes and why the conventional screening methods and nutrition guidelines fail. Currently pregnant herself, Lily also recounts her first-hand experience with the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and discusses her results.

Also discussed in Episode 6…

  • How Lily navigated through her conventional dietetic training to embrace a real food approach to nutrition and wellness
  • Lily’s gestational diabetes research and helping pregnant women effectively manage GD
  • About the glucose tolerance test and screening options
  • Questioning the validity of standard gestational diabetes screening methods
  • Lily’s personal experience with the glucose tolerance test
  • Lily’s recommendations for improved gestational diabetes screening methods
  • Women’s attitudes towards adopting a GD diet and the contradictory advice surrounding GD intervention and prenatal care
  • Lily and Ayla share their blood sugar friendly meals as pregnant Real Food RDs

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Expecting Better by Emily Oster

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