Real Food Radio Episode 031: The Essentials of Self Care

Welcome to Real Food Radio! This week Nicole and I discuss self care with Mia Joelsson. Mia is a licensed social worker with a practice in Maryland. Mia specializes in helping women and couples whom are experiencing a broad range of reproductive challenges, including life coaching services.

Also discussed in Episode 31…

  • Nourish Your Fertility
  • Nourish Your Fertility Website
  • Lighthouse Counseling & Coaching
  • The self care industry
  • Popularity of self care as response to busy lifestyles
  • What is self care?
  • Setting up your environment for success
  • Putting yourself at the top of the priority list
  • Conspicuous displays of self care
  • Accountability
  • Generations and self care
  • Women/Men and self care
  • Balance of self care
  • When are you happiest?
  • Self care strategies
  • Avoid all or nothing thinking
  • Lean into discomfort
  • Laura Vanderkam
  • What does health and happiness look like to you?
  • Prioritize
  • Remove judgement
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self care
  • Favorite self care practices

Disclaimer: Nothing in this podcast should be taken as medical advice.

Useful Links…

Body Composition testing at Boston Functional Nutrition
Body Composition testing at Whole Health RD
Nourish You Fertility on Facebook
Boston Functional Nutrition on Facebook
Whole Health RD
Whole Health RD on Facebook
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