To all of the moms, and moms-to-be,

I designed this product after years of making compromises with every other prenatal on the market - even the professional lines. I decided it was time to make a prenatal that I could confidently use to support my own pregnancies, and would also recommend to my clients, friends, and family without hesitation.

I wanted a prenatal that:

  • Did NOT compromise the quality of ingredients, effectiveness, or the proper amounts or forms of nutrients
  • Did NOT have unnecessary ingredients simply added for marketing purposes
  • Did NOT raise questions about whether it contained heavy metals, pesticides, or other contaminants  

What I came up with is the culmination of years of research and work in the field, combined with a desire to do better by women and the future generations they are nourishing.

cheers to you mama!



What is your prenatal missing?

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What is your prenatal missing?