Stocking Stuffer’s for Self-Care

Christmas Stocking

Growing up, opening our stockings on Christmas night was always my favorite. It was a time when the family would be cozying up next to the tree, warm in our Christmas PJ’s and buzzing about the day. We saved opening the stockings as a final treat at night and it was always a nice way to wind down after a day of food, family and exchanging of gifts. My mom, who we all knew did the stocking-filling, never disappointed, filling our stockings with age-appropriate little trinkets, scratch tickets, and a few rolls of socks (presumably to act as extra “stuffing” 😉 ).  This will be my first year with a couple of stockings of my own to fill and it got me thinking about stocking stuffing for loved ones.

Here are a few of my favorite products that I think would make great last minute gifts or stocking stuffers.  Of course, the theme here is self-care. Please let me know your favorite holiday tradition or stocking stuffers in the comments! I’d love hear from you.

Simply Gum


Gum was usually something we would find in our stockings and became only a special treat growing up thanks to one incident where my sister stuck gum in her hair and I decided to cut it out, leaving her with a lopsided bowl-cut -oops! Nowadays, I don’t chew gum often because of the artificial flavoring, artificial sugars and preservatives that are in most chewing gums. Did you know that some gum contains plastics and BHT -a known, endocrine-disrupting preservative?  Not something you want to chew on.

Simply gum is a nice alternative. I tried the maple flavor (hands down my favorite flavor for anything) and loved it. It does have a tiny amount of real organic sugar, it also has a natural chicle base and no harmful preservatives or plastics. And, the packaging of the gum is really beautiful, making it a nice little gift.

We asked nicely for a coupon code to pass along and Simply Gum obliged 🙂 So, if you’d like to fill some stockings with it you can use SIMPLYBFN for 15% off.

RawSpiceBar Spice Blends

spiceThis is a fun new subscription-based product that I was recently introduced to. While the spices are not organic (I’m told they will be in the future), the spice blends are inspired and have seasonal themes that are just fun to work with such as chai peppercorn and German gingerbread. Stay tuned for a healthy cookie recipe using one of these blends from my very talented, chef and RD-to-be intern, Carrie, very soon!



Mooilsuntain Rose Herbs Essential Oils

This is my favorite source for high quality essential oils that have been produced sustainably and have what they say they have in them. Quality is a big problem in the essential oil industry, so it is good to have a source you can trust.



Emily Skin Soothers – adult and baby friendly

smootherI’ve recommended this product for adults and children alike. It is a fantastic herbal, non-toxic product that works for stubborn eczema, and dry, cracked skin. Baby L gets a rub down with the super dry skin soother after every bath.




Eco-Friendly Food Cover

coversSilicone is one of my favorite plastic alternatives because it is light, flexible, heat-resistant and non-toxic. These eco-friendly food covers fits a host of different food products.




Good Grips Peeler


This is a great quality peeler that is wonderful for any cook or hopeful chef. Safe and effective mechanism with smooth gliding blades. A fun little gift that will be appreciated for years to come.




Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Bars

chocolateThese delicious bars are available in most Whole Foods stores or online. Made bean to bar in Nashville, TN, the beans are handpicked by the owner and chef and lovingly crafted into some of the world’s best tasting dark chocolate. Uses brown sugar and molasses as sweeteners. Eco friendly company, they recycle bags, hulls, and use refurbished 150 year old grinding stones. Definitely a business that I feel good about supporting!

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