Let Us Help You Heal!

I'd highly recommend working with Ayla!  IT WORKS!  Why not try it as a first step to optimizing fertility? It's a lot more accessible financially than IVF and the work provides real healing from the inside.

A healthy and non-invasive solution to the terrifying concept of infertility.

Ayla provided so much information about my particular body and it's deficiencies/issues... there was no guessing or thinking "this might apply to me" because we tested things and she designed specific protocols for ME and me only.

I wish every woman could have this experience.

The best part about working with Ayla was to realize I was not actually broken and to have a better understanding about how my food and lifestyle choices impacting my overall health not just my waist size.

I got my period back within 3 months of making pretty drastic changes to my diet (increasing calories and carbs) and reducing endurance exercise. Four months after that we got pregnant!

I would recommend working with Ayla because you get a blueprint to your own body and it's extremely empowering. You will find you have so much more time to LIVE your life when you aren't constantly searching for answers.

I feel less irritable and have more energy, and I don't crash like I used to during the day.

I'm getting better results naturally than I would with prescription drugs that would just mask the symptoms and not heal anything. I'm excited to actually get rid of my problems, not just cover them up!

I’m able to function and not feel like my life is on hold during my luteal phase and menstruation.

Ayla took the time to get to know me, not just my symptoms, to help me heal my body and find physical balance.

Our 3 Step Approach to Success



In order to get to the root cause(s) of your health issues, we use:

  • Your comprehensive health and medical history
  • Assessment of your past and current symptoms
  • Data you’ve gathered from working with other health professionals
  • Additional specialty laboratory testing as needed
  • Your intuition as the expert of your body
  • Our clinical knowledge and experience from working with thousands of people in our years in practice 

Your Healing Protocol

Once we've uncovered the origin of your health issues, we'll recommend a whole-body healing plan. Your plan will be a unique infusion of evidence-based medical nutrition therapy, mind-body techniques, and nourishing foods and herbs. It will be custom designed especially for you, as no two plans are the same.


Experience Results

While some changes you make will elicit near-immediate benefits, you will have a clear sense of the expected timeline for reaching all of your goals, whether that be pregnancy, hormone balance, complete digestive health, or anything else. I will provide as much 1:1 support as you need along the way.

You can finally relax in confidence and watch as your period normalizes, fertility improves, libido returns, skin glows, mood and sleep improve, digestive issues vanish, and your body finds its feel-good weight effortlessly.

Ready to get started?